Payroll Accounting

For payroll accounting, comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of tax law, employment/labour law and social law is required. We will carry out your payroll accounting and answer your questions on labour law and social security issues with the background of many years of experience and Expertise.

It is our goal to support our clients on their way to success. We aim to recognise opportunities, flag up risks and develop long-term strategies.

Advantages for You

Many business entities consider discreet handling of staff matters to be a top priority. By outsourcing your payroll accounting to us you will save valuable time. You will also benefit from the utmost accuracy in processing, our support in designing contracts and the ability to obtain the facts and figures you need at the touch of a button. We keep ourselves up-to-date thanks to our extensive programme of permanent professional education and development.

Our Services 

  • Regular payroll accounting (also of expatriates)
  • Control and accounting of overtime, bonuses and travel expenses
  • Calculation of vacation pay, public holiday pay and sick pay
  • Calculation of recurrent payroll taxes
  • Registration with and deregistration from social security carriers
  • Online exchange of data with social security carriers and tax offices
  • Classification within salary schemes
  • Advice on optimized payment of wages and salaries
  • Support and representation in payroll tax, local tax and social security audits
  • Solution of employment/labour law, tax law and social security law related questions
  • Advice on design of company agreements and interpretation of collective bargaining agreements
  • Advice on structuring of employment relationships: employment contracts, contracts for work and services, freelance employment contracts
  • Advice on preparation of employment references